The Willetts Coffee Brand

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

In an extremely overpopulated industry currently very on trend, it is important to stand out as an independent coffee supplier offering something different to the market. We think our brand does this offering a quirky concept and design, thinking outside of the coffee box.

When you walk into a coffee shop, you are immediately hit by the sounds of the grinder & steam arms, the smells of the coffee wafting through the premises and the visuals of watching a barista steaming the milk and swirling pretty patterns in your coffee. We call this 'the theatre of coffee'. We have teamed this idea up with the theatrical background of our CEO, who was a professional actress prior to working in the coffee industry resulting in a theatrical themed coffee brand that stands out from the crowds, with its memorable theme. This concept has transpired into a range of coffee beans with the names of ‘Standing Ovation’, ‘Showstopper’, ‘Encore’ and ‘Bravo’, with our strapline being 'All Of The Theatre, None Of The Drama!' #theatreofcoffee

Our coffee bean range caters for all tastes! From dark & intense, to smooth, mellow and luxurious. We also offer Fairtrade, 100% Arabica, and of course a Decaf option for those natural 'morning people'! All of our coffee beans are available to buy online and can be ground at no extra charge at your preferred specification. So what are you waiting for? Get browsing and get trying! Don't know what to go for? problem, add our gift set of sample bags to your basket and try them all!


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