The Willetts Ethos

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

In an Industry full of competitive national coffee companies, we pride ourselves on being an independent Midland supplier with a unique brand, making us stand out from the crowd. Our business ethos is to support local businesses who choose to use local suppliers, and in doing so, we help build a much more personal relationship with our customers. Our customers are the priority of our business and therefore we will go above and beyond to help them every way we can.

We generally work within a 50-75 mile radius of Birmingham City Centre, offering a quick and efficient personal service. This gives you peace of mind that if you need an engineer pronto or ingredients at the drop of a hat, we are in a close proximity to make sure your needs are met. However, this does not mean that we turn away business outside of this catchment zone. We also have a great network of sub-contract engineers and we have a great central base to supply ingredients anywhere within the UK on a next day delivery basis.

In short, we are a one stop shop for everything you could possibly imagine from your coffee supplier, offering gourmet products at a fair price as well as a quick, efficient and personal customer service.

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