Willetts Background

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Nicki Willetts, founder of Willetts Coffee, studied at The University of Birmingham where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree In Performing & Visual Arts. She then went on to study a Post Graduate course in Musical Theatre at The Guildford School of Acting before entering the highly competitive professional acting world. Having worked in the industry for 7 years, she supplemented her studying and acting career through hospitality work within bars and restaurants, which ultimately laid her in good stead to later work in the coffee industry.Her experience through these years gave her a very good understanding on how hospitality worked, and the requirements of not only the end user, but the customer's expectations.

Nicki fell in to the coffee world as a commission only Sales Representative where she had to prove that she could sell, realising that if she was ever to move out of home and more importantly from under her Mum's feet, she would have to get a 'proper' job. Surprisingly, selling was very much like completing an audition. You walk in to meet the panel, (the potential customer) and instead of belting out a Musical number, or reciting a passage from Shakespeare, you give the best monologue of your life in the form of a sales pitch. Still giving them the jazz hands when signing on the dotted line - that part was a given!

Now, nearly 8 years on, Nicki has worked her way up from Sales Manager to Director, running the company for the previous owner, resulting in taking ownership in January 2019. Nicki and her team have worked tirelessly to rebrand the company, opening its doors to new customers and introducing the world to Willetts Coffee.

Coffee, along with gin, (her after work coffee) is something Nicki is equally passionate about. She 100% believes in what she sells, her main focus not only being the end user, but to make sure every business is equipped and educated on how to make the best cup of coffee, resulting in happy customers for your business!


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