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Barista Services

We have a team of professional baristas who offer ongoing teaching support, ensuring that all your staff are up to speed with the latest coffee beverages. 


Our baristas will attend your site and educate your team on how to tweak the grind of your coffee, frothing micro foam, steaming silky smooth milk, and teaching your team on how to clean your machine efficiently. Our Willetts Barista will teach your staff how to create the latest drinks on trend, ensuring your team is fully equipped to serve quality coffee consistently well.  A good bean alone is not enough.  A good barista, knowing how to get the best out of your bean makes a great cup of coffee! 

Alternatively, if you are local and prefer your staff to come to us, you can learn how to create your favourite drinks at our show room.


If you would like more information for your business,  please fill out your details and any questions you may have in the form provided.

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